Labor-Management Advisory Council

The 2017-2018 Labor-Management Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation (LMAC) is formed under an agency order of Commissioner Pam Bucy of the Department of Labor and Industry.  The purpose of the Advisory Council is to monitor the effectiveness of the 2011’s HB334 workers’ compensation reforms, continue to improve Montana’s workers’ compensation system, and recommend solutions to the Commissioner.   The LMAC is composed of five representatives of employers and five representatives of employees.

The Lt. Governor, Mike Cooney, chairs the Advisory Council.  Eric Strauss, Employment Relations Division Administrator serves as a non-voting member. Lance Zanto, representing employers and Jim Larson, representing employees serve as co-chairs. The council will expire or be renewed by December 31, 2018.


LMAC members representing workers:

  • Al Smith, Montana Trial Lawyers Association
  • Chris Cavazos, Montana AFL-CIO
  • Doug Buman, Laborers' International Union of North America
  • Don Judge, Injured Workers Resource Council
  • Jim Larson, Teamsters Local 190


LMAC members representing employers:

  • Annette Hoffman, St. Vincent's Healthcare
  • Bill Dahlgren, Sun Mountain Sports
  • Larry Jones, Montana Self-Insureds Association
  • Lance Zanto, Workers’ Compensation Management Bureau
  • Marvin Jordan, Montana Contractors Compensation Fund


The advisory council can vote to establish subcommittees to study issues and make recommendations to the council. Currently, one subcommittee is authorized to study the establishment of a drug formulary in Montana for workers compensation.