Montana Labor Standards

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Amber Carpenter
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Program Manager
Amy Smith
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About the Labor Standards Bureau

Although it provides information in a variety of labor related areas, the Labor Standards Bureau provides services in these primary areas:

The Wage and Hour Unit enforces provisions of the Montana Wage Payment Act, minimum wage and overtime law and the State Child Labor Standards Act. As part of its function the unit processes claims from employees who did not receive wages in a timely fashion or pursuant to their employment contract. The claims can be for such items as minimum wage, overtime, vacation pay, commissions, earned bonuses, etc. The unit also provides assistance to the public by answering labor related phone inquiries and by providing presentations informing employers and employees of their rights and responsibilities under Montana law. Information on wage and hour laws and other functions of the unit can be obtained by calling (406) 444-5600.

The Prevailing Wage function is also handled in the Labor Standards Bureau. The prevailing wage law requires employees working on public works projects be paid an established rate of pay and at least 50% of the employees of each contractor working on the job be bona fide Montana residents. Information on prevailing wage laws can be obtained by calling (406) 444-5600. Visit this page for Prevailing Wage Rates.

The 2005 Legislative Session enacted the Montana Military Service Employment Right Act (MMSERA). MMSERA was drafted in consultation with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry and the Montana Attorney General's Office, both of which will play key roles in the enforcement of MMSERA's rights and protections. The initial process begins with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Wage & Hour Unit. Information on MMSERA can be obtained by calling (406) 444-5600.

The Collective Bargaining Act for Public Employees is administered by the Collective Bargaining Unit of the Labor Standards Bureau. This unit is responsible for providing mediation assistance and interest based bargaining training to public employers and public employee labor organizations. The Collective Bargaining Unit also processes unfair labor practice complaints and conducts matters relating to representation questions for public employees. Additionally, the unit staffs the Board of Personnel Appeals, the five person appellate board that hears matters related to collective bargaining. Additional information on the collective bargaining act and on the Board of Personnel Appeals can be obtained by calling (406) 444-0032.

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