Arbitration Training and Labor Relations Conference

The Annual Montana Arbitration & Labor Relations Conference is sponsored by:

Montana Arbitrators Association 

Montana Board of Personnel Appeals 

Montana Department of Labor & Industry 

National Labor Relations Board 

Federal Mediation & Conciliation Services 

Montana State Bar Dispute Resolution Committee


Participants receive valuable information concerning arbitration preparation, collective bargaining, and other topics relating to labor relations. Skills learned in the conference can be practically applied to a variety of workplace settings.


      2020 Arbitration and

Labor Relations Conference


With the ongoing Pandemic effecting our daily lives and routines, the Montana Arbitrator's Association is faced with making some difficult decisions for the 2020 Labor Relations Conference. MAA  had a great agenda planned for this year's conference but reality is here and we have made the decision to cancel this year's conference out of concerns for everyone's health and safety.

The MAA has reserved the  Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for August 31-September 2, 2021. Tentatively we will have the Arbitrator Training Day on Tuesday, August 31, follow by the Arbitration and Labor Relations Conference on September 1-2, 2021.

We are exploring options of offering webinars during the next year and will keep you informed. We look forward to seeing you next year in Fairmont. 

Thank you in advance for your past and future support of the Montana Labor Relations and Arbitration Conference. With your support we can continue to provide a quality conference for everyone.

Contact Information

Max Hallfrisch  (406) 444-0038


Department of Labor & Industry Labor Standards Bureau

1805 Prospect PO Box 201503 Helena MT  59620-1503