Department of Labor and Industry

Business Check-off List

Business Check-off List for Reference in Montana

Department of Revenue: (406) 444-6900 or

This is to register for you tax withholdings and unemployment insurance.

Secretary of State: (406) 444-3665 or

This is to register your business name.

Internal Revenue Service (Federal): 1-800-829-3676

This is to receive your federal employer identification number.

Motor Vehicle Registration: Check with the county that you will be performing work. Out of State vehicles need to be registered in Montana when work is being performed in Montana. (RPO - Registered purposes only)

Workers Compensation: Through a private insurer or through Montana State Fund.

Citizen's Advocate: 1-800-332-2272

This is for reference to find other state agencies not listed.

Board of Electricians and Plumbers: (406) 841-2328

Construction Contractor Registration: (406) 444-7734 or

Independent Contractor Central Unit: (406) 444-1446 or

Professional Licensing: (406) 841-2300

Building Codes: (406) 841-2040

Business Licenses: Please check with the city that you are performing work in.

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) environmental regulatory compliance, Small Business Environmental Assistance Program: (800) 433-8773