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  • Bureau Chief, contact Pam McDaniel at
  • Collective Bargaining / Board of Personnel Appeals, contact Windy Knutson at
  • General Wage & Hour and/or Child Labor Law Questions, contact Windy Knutson at
  • Montana Prevailing Wage Rate Setting and Survey Questions, contact Mike Smith at
  • Public Works Contracts / Prevailing Wage Law Questions, contact Randy Siemers at
  • Training Requests or Questions, contact Amy Smith, Wage and Hour Unit Supervisor at

Bureau Chief
Pam McDaniel
Phone: (406) 444-1376
Program Manager
Amy Smith
Phone: (406) 444-4601

Mailing Address
PO Box 201503
Helena, MT 59620-1503
Beck Building
1805 Prospect Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 444-5600