Department of Labor and Industry

Web Update Request

Please use the form below when submitting update requests for the ERD website. 

  • Users must be logged in to access the Web Update Request Form.

  • Updates can either be completed by each bureau's assigned Content Editor or an ERD Web Administrator.

  • If the update requires documents to be uploaded, you must click the ERD Web Admin radio button in the "Who will be completing the update?" field, then four fields allowing for upload of any required documents (word, pdf, etc.) will be available.  If you have more than four documents, email ERD Webmaster with the additional documents.  Note: Screenshots may be included if necessary.

  • Copy and paste the URLs of the pages needing changes in the "Pages With Changes" field.  Separate each URL with a return.

  • Please be specific when listing instructions and be sure to indicate which documents are being replaced/deleted in the "Update Details" field.

  • All required fields must be complete for the form to process.

Once the request is received and completed, you will be notified by email of the date completed and who completed the update.  These update requests will be stored in a database.

Contact Information

Chantal VanDaele
Web Developer
(406) 444-1601

Jeff Straw
Web Developer
(406) 444-1759