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Montana Safety Plans Insurance Qualifications


Step 2.

Insurance Qualifications

The purpose of this site is to help Montana employers complete their safety programs. A formal safety plan will help keep your employees safe. It is also necessary to qualify for the Montana State Fund Small Business Group or the Montana Safety Choices Group underwritten by Liberty Northwest.

To qualify for either Small Business Groups you will need either:


Montana State Fund Small Business Group

Instructions: Read SB192 Bill as well as Montana State Funds Announcement




To qualify for the Montana Safety Choices Group offered by The Montana Chamber of Commerce underwritten by Liberty Northwest you will need:


  • Must be a member in good standing of the Montana Chamber of Commerce
  • Coverage is limited to operations within the State of Montana
  • The employer must sign the Consent to Group Rating Endorsement which must be completed as part of an entire application (shown here for informational purposes only) and the Safety Group Enrollment Form.


  • Experience modification (e-mod, or mod factor) of 1.15 or lower (click here for an explanation of experience modification)
  • Loss ratios for current and most recent three years of less than 50%
  • Frequency rates below the NCCI average of the class for businesses that are not subject to experience rating
  • At least two years of successful management experience.  Successful management experience includes direct involvement in hiring, disciplinary actions, and workplace safety.  Successful management experience at a prior company is sufficient.

Other requirements/guidelines may apply


Instructions:  Read Montana Safety Choices


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