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Common Application Mistakes to Avoid

What are the common mistakes to avoid when filling out the Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC) application?

A corporate officer with 20% ownership cannot apply for the ICEC. Qualified corporate owners are exempt under Montana Codes Annotated 39-71-401 (2) (r)

Not filling out all of the information or marking N.A, i.e. missing phone #, social security #, specific occupation, notary jurisdiction, I do business as (DBA ) etc.

Each occupation requested on the ICEC must be confirmed by documenting a business for that occupation. A business is verified by providing documentation that will accumulate 15 or more points from the list shown on the back of the application.

Failing to include tool/equipment lists with the application. Equipment lists that are missing detail or documentation may receive a lower point values or no points at all.

Not following the instructions, i.e. using check marks or Xs instead of initialing the waiver.

The ICCU can only process original applications. Sending a copy of the original will delay the processing while the original is requested.

Once the application is notarized it cannot be changed. Applications with alterations, scratch outs, erasures or whiteout will be returned.

A post office box cannot be used instead of the physical address or directions to the business.