Public Sector Collective Bargaining

The Collective Bargaining Act for Public Employees is administered by the Collective Bargaining Unit of the Labor Standards Bureau. This unit is responsible for providing mediation assistance and interest based bargaining training to public employers and public employee labor organizations. The Collective Bargaining Unit also processes unfair labor practice complaints and conducts matters relating to representation questions for public employees. Additionally, the unit staffs the Board of Personnel Appeals, the five person appellate board that hears State of Montana employee wage classification appeals and other matters related to public sector collective bargaining. Additional information on the collective bargaining act and on the Board of Personnel Appeals can be obtained by calling (406) 444-0032.


  • Collective Bargaining for Public Employees
  • Collective Bargaining for Nurses
  • Arbitration for Firefighters
  • Wage and Classification Appeals for State Employees
  • Department of Transportation Grievances
  • Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks Grievances

Contact Information

Collective Bargaining Unit
Labor Standards Bureau
1805 Prospect Avenue
PO Box 201503
Helena, MT 59620-1503
(406) 444-0032