Board of Personnel Appeals

The Board of Personnel Appeals is a five member quasi-judicial board charged with providing appellate level review for matters involving the Collective Bargaining Act for Public Employees. The Board also serves as the appellate board for grievances involving Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Department of Transportation employees as well as wage and classification appeals by employees of the State of Montana.

Members of the Board are appointed by the Governor. By statute Board membership is comprised of an equal number of management and labor representatives, a presiding officer with knowledge in the field of labor relations, and alternate members representing management and labor.

Parties should not contact Board members directly regarding pending cases before the Board. Current members are:

Anne MacIntyre, Presiding Officer
2900 Spokane Creek Rd
East Helena MT 59635
Rina Fontana Moore, Management Board Member
Cascade County
200 13th St N
Great Falls MT 59401
788-1720 (office)
Steve Johnson, Management Board Member
County of Missoula
200 West Broadway
Missoula MT 59802
258-3293 (office)
Quinton Nyman, Labor Board Member
Montana Public Employees Association
PO Box 5600
Helena MT 59604
442-4600 (office)
James Reardon, Labor Board Member
Laborers Union Local No. 1686
PO Box 1173
Helena MT 59624-1173
442-1441 (office)


Jim Soumas - Alternate Labor Board Member
PO Box 21
Joliet, MT 59041
248-2658 (office)

Amy Verlanic - Alternate Management Board Member
600 W 4th
Anaconda MT 59711
496-4289 (office)

Richard Parish, Alternate Chair
36 W Sixth Ave
Helena MT  59601
443-0360 (office)

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Contact Information

Board of Personnel Appeals
PO Box 201503
Helena, MT
(406) 444-0032
(406) 444-7071 -- fax number

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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