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2005 Fall MAA Agenda


The Expanded Role of Arbitrators & Arbitration In The Employment Setting

Tuesday, September 20,2005 Ruby’s Inn & Convention Center Missoula, Montana

David B. Lipsky, Professor of Collective Bargaining Director of the Cornell/PERC Institute on Conflict Resolution School of Industrial& Labor Relations, Cornell University 621 Catherwood Library Tower Ithaca, NY 14853-3901 (607)255-6974


David B. Lipsky is Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Director of the Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University. Dr. Lipsky is the current president elect of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (formerly the Industrial Relations Research Association)and will assume the position of president in January 2006. In his research and teaching activities he primarily focuses on negotiation, conflict resolution, and collective bargaining.


Arbitrators are increasingly being given responsibilities that would have been unimaginable at the dawn of arbitration, more than fifty years ago, when labor arbitrators resolved disputes between employers and unions concerning the interpretation or application of their collective bargaining agreements. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the arbitration and mediation of employment disputes outside the collective bargaining context. An important concern is the rising importance of statutory rights in arbitration.

The move of arbitrators and neutrals into the new arenas of nonunion mediation and arbitration suggests a need for neutrals to be expert in the content and application of workplace law. Accompanying this concern over the rise of statutory rights is the importance of due process in these new forum s.

Dr. Lipsky is the co-author (with Michel Picher and Ronald L. Seeber) of the report “Arbitration Profession in Transition” and will present and discuss issues relating to “The Expanded Role of Arbitrators and Arbitration In The Employment Setting.”

Registration at 8:30 / Program 9:00 to 3:30 / Lunch Provided

Dr. Lipsky served as dean of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell from 1988until1997andhasbeenamemberofthe Cornell faculty since 1969. D r. Lipsky has had a long-standing interest in distance learning. From 2000 to 2004 he served in a part-time capacity as Director of Educational Planning and Review foreCornell,CornellUniversity'sdistancelearningsubsidiary.Between1997and 1999 he established and served as the first director of Cornell's Office of Distance Learning, the predecessor organization of eCornell.

Dr. Lipsky is the author of over forty-five articles and the author or editor of nineteen books and monographs. He is the co-author(with Ronald L. Seeber and Richard D. Fincher)of Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict, published in April2003. He is the co­editor (with Jonathan Brock) of the IRRA's 2003 annual research volume, Going Public: The Role of Labor-Management Relations in Delivering Quality Government Services published in September 2003.He is also the co-editor (with Thomas A. Kochan) of Negotiations and Change: From the Workplace to Society, which was published in February 2003.