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What are Community Safety Groups?

Montana Safety Meetings are informal groups of people dedicated to increasing the knowledge and awareness of a true safety culture in Montana Workplaces. Meetings are free!

Who Attends Community Safety Groups?

Employers and employees, safety and health professionals and anyone who is interested in safety and health. Members work in a variety of professions, including government, industry, construction, medicine and education.

Safety Outreach Schedule

Safety Training Material


Accident Investigation

Documents Resource Links
Accident Investigation PowerPoint IHSA Accident Investigation Training Manual
Accident Investigation Handbook Workplace Safety Toolkit
Preliminary Accident Report CCOHS Accident Investigation
The Four Ps HSE Inspectors Toolkit

Confined Space Entry

Documents Resource Links
Confined Space PowerPoint eLCOSH
Confined Space Entry Handbook eLCOSH - Permits
Anatomy of Confined Space Entry OSHA Confined Space Advisor
  OSHA Confined Spaces Hazards and Solutions
  OSHA Confined Space Quick Card
  OSHA Permit-Required Confined Spaces Publication

Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Documents Resource Links
Lockout/Tagout PowerPoint OSHA Lockout/Tagout Training Program
Hazardous Energy Control Handbook OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy
  OSHA Lockout/Tagout Publication

Electrical Safety

Documents Resource Links
Electrical Safety Handbook  
Working with Electricity  

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Documents Resource Links
Ergonomics in the Workplace Handbook  
Computer Work Stations and Back Safety  

Fall Protection in Construction

Documents Resource Links
Fall Protection in Construction Handbook  

Forklift Train the Trainer

Documents Resource Links
Forklift Train the Trainer PowerPoint Forklift etool
Forklift Operator Training Handbook Forklift Training
Frequently Asked Questions Forklift Regulations
Forklift Training  

Hazcom/Bloodborne Pathogen Protection

Documents Resource Links
Hazard Communication PowerPoint  
Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Handbook  

Hearing Conservation

Documents Resource Links
Hearing Conservation Handbook  

Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Documents Resource Links
Indoor Air Quality PowerPoint  
Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace Handbook  
Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools  

Intro to OSHA

Documents Resource Links
Intro to OSHA PowerPoint Intro to OSHA Handbook
Intro To OSHA (print)  

Materials Handling

Documents Resource Links
  Montana State Fund Lifting Calculator

Personal Protective Equipment

Documents Resource Links
Personal Protective Equipment PowerPoint  
Personal Protective Equipment Handbook  

Portable Fire Extinguishers and Evacuation

Documents Resource Links
Portable Fire Extinguisher Training PowerPoint  
Building Fire Guidelines  
Industrial Fire Prevention  
Crisis Management Plan  
Workplace Emergency Preparedness Program  

Recordkeeping 300 Log

Documents Resource Links
Intro To OSHA PowerPoint OSHA Employment Specific Injury and Illness Rates
OSHA Recordkeeping PowerPoint OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Page
OSHA 300 Log State Occupational Safety and Health Statistics
  OSHA Recordkeeping Handbook

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Documents Resource Links
OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard PowerPoint OSHA Respiratory Protection etool
  OSHA Fit Test Protocol Procedures
  NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic
  3M Cartridge and Filter Replacement Program
  User Seal Check Procedure (Appendix B-1)
  Respirator Cleaning Procedures (Appendix B-2)
  Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Appendix C)
  Voluntary Use of Respirators- Appendix D

Safeguarding Machinery

Documents Resource Links
Machine Guarding PowerPoint OSHA Machine Guarding eTool
Machine Safeguarding Handbook Tractor and Machinery Safety (WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT)
Sample Guards HSE Using Work Equipment Safely

Safety Committees

Documents Resource Links

Safety Management Systems

Documents Resource Links
Safety Management Systems PowerPoint Create a Safety Plan
Hazard ID PowerPoint  
Safety and Health Pays PowerPoint  
Job Hazard Analysis PowerPoint  
Safety Committees PowerPoint  
OSHA Small Business Handbook  
Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines  
Job Hazard Analysis  


Documents Resource Links

Stairways and Ladders

Documents Resource Links
OSHA Stairways and Ladders Guide ANSI/OSHA Ladder Requirements
  Portable Ladders
  OSHA Construction Safety and Health Outreach Program
  OSHA Standard


Documents Resource Links
  OSHA Construction eTool: Preventing Fatalities
  OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Hand and Power Tools
  OSHA Publication 3080: Hand and Power Tools
  OSHA Chainsaw Safety Tips
  OSHA Logging eTool: Chainsaws
  Powder-Actuated Tools – Safety Principles
  Ramset Powder-Actuated Tool Licensing Exam
  OSHA Fatal Facts Accident Report No. 48 (powder-actuated tools)
  NIOSH – A Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools

Trenching and Excavation

Documents Resource Links
Excavation PowerPoint Part 1 Call 811 – Know what’s below
Excavation PowerPoint Part 2 Safety and Health Topics: Trenching and Excavation
Soil Texture Field Guide OSHA Construction eTool: Trenching and Excavation
Soil Classification Field Guide Trench Safety Version 4.0
The Affected Zone  

Walking and Working Surfaces

Documents Resource Links
Walking and Working Surfaces PowerPoint  

Workplace Safety and Health Issues

Documents Resource Links
Workplace Safety and Health Inspections PowerPoint  


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