Department of Labor and Industry

Mine Training Materials

Mine Training Materials

Electrical Safety

Arc Flash Safety (ppt)
Battery Safety (ppt)
Electric Slide Show (ppt)
Electrical Safety - Sand & Gravel (ppt)
Amperage Chart (pdf)

First Aid

Back Safety (ppt)
Basic First Aid (ppt)
Fighting Time and Steel (ppt)
High Pressure Injection (ppt)
Brink of Death (pdf)


Lockout/Tagout (ppt)
MSHA Loclout/Tagout (ppt)
Energy Control Program (pdf)
Safety Basics Blocking and Cribbing (zip)


Blasting (ppt)
Blasting w/ proper techniques 1 (ppt)
Blasting w/ proper techniques 2 (ppt)

Ground Control

Freeze/Thaw (pdf)
Highwall and Portal Safety Bulletin (pdf)
Highwall and Shovel Safety Bulletin (pdf)

Guarding and Conveyors

Conveyor Belt Safety (ppt)
Conveyor Systems (ppt)
Equipment Guarding (ppt)
Guarding Belts and Pullys (ppt)
Equipment Guarding Conveyor Belts (pdf)

Haz-Com Pt 47

HF Acid Burn Victim (ppt)
Common Cleaners (pdf)
Gasoline Safety (pdf)
Static Electricity (pdf)
P.A.T. Gasoline Can Security Alert (pdf)
MSHA Material (zip)
Labels (zip)

Mobile Equipment

Mobile (ppt)
Dozer Safety - Stockpiles (ppt)
Estradas (slideshow)
'05 Boulder Flyer (pdf)
Drill AVRP 1 (pdf)
Drill AVRP 2 (pdf)
Safety Meeting Outline (pdf)
Skid Steer Loader Safety (pdf)
Tire Safety (pdf)
Truck Check-Off Sheet (pdf)
Stairway Access Haul/Water Trucks Safety (pdf)

Noise Pt. 62

Noise Basics (html)
Hearing Loss (pdf)
Hearing Aid (pdf)
30 CFR Part 62.150 (ppt)
Noise and It's Effects (ppt)
Noise Evaluations (ppt)
Noise Standards (ppt)
Part 62 New Noise rule (ppt)

Other Hazards

Grinder Injury (pdf)
Cell Phones While Driving (pdf)
Gasoline Safety Guide (pdf)
Grinder Fatality (pdf)
Hazard Identification Checklist (pdf)
Hazard Risk Assesment (pdf)

Slings & Rigging

Rigging Equipment (ppt)
Safe Rigging (ppt)
Sling Safety 1 (ppt)
Sling Safety 2 (ppt)
Sling Safety 3 (ppt)
Crane Accident (slideshow)
Chains and Wire Ropes (pdf)
Come-A-Long (pdf)
Crane Incident (pdf)
Crane Inspection (pdf)
Crane Operations Procedure (pdf)
Crane Quick Facts (pdf)
Suspended Loads (pdf)

Slips Trips and Falls

Safety Alert (pdf)
Slips and Falls in Mobile Equipment (pdf)

Training Plans

Accident Investigation Form (pdf)
Surface Mechanic (pdf)
Accident Notification Format (pdf)
46 & 48 Training Manual (pdf)
Operator Assesment (pdf)
Backhoe and Tractor Check-off Sheet (pdf)
Part 48 (a) Sample Plan (pdf)
Part 48 (b) Sample Plan (pdf)


Basic Ventalation Math (ppt)
Dust Control (ppt)
Hydrogen Sulfide Hazard (ppt)
Mine Ventalation Risks (ppt)
Coal Mine Ventilation (ppt)
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (pdf)
Mine Gas (pdf)
Mine Gasses (html)
Map Reading Training (zip)
Ventilation (zip)

IS-UG Safety Training