Montana Safety and Health

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s Safety and Health Bureau is dedicated to help improve safety and health in the workplace and for Montana’s small businesses. The Bureau is made up of four sections: Compliance, Consultation, Mine, & Outreach.

Notice of Amendment and Repeal

In the matter of amendment of ARM 24.30.102 and the repeal of ARM 2430.105, 24.30.106, and 24.30.107 pertaining to occupational safety and health rules for public sector employers.

  1. On March 29, 2019, the Department of Labor & Industry (department) published MAR Notice No. 24-30-344 pertaining to the public hearing on the proposed amendment and repeal of the above-stated rules at page 320 of the 2019 Montana Administrative Register, Issue Number 6.
  2. The department held a public hearing in Helena on April 19, 2019, at which no members of the public commented on the proposed rule actions. No written comments were submitted to the department during the public comment period.
  3. The department has amended ARM 24.30.102 as proposed.
  4. The department has repealed ARM 24.30.105, 24.30.106, and 24.30.107 as proposed.


The Compliance Section has jurisdiction over public sector employment safety, which includes State, County and City workers. Our goal is to ensure that each public employer provides a safe work environment for their employees and adhere to the requirements of the Montana Safety Culture Act (MSCA) and OSHA regulations.  The Compliance Section performs workplace inspections, accident investigations and responds to safety complaints. They are required to issue a compliance report that identifies any deficiencies of the MSCA or safety hazards found during an inspection. Additionally, they have the authority to issue a temporary stop work order and fines if necessary.

The Compliance Unit currently enforces the following two elements of the Montana Safety Culture Act as serious Violations:

  1. 39-71-1505 (ii) Job or task specific training; and
  2. 39-71-1505 (iii) b Periodic hazard assessment, with corrective actions identified

Compliance Emphasis Beginning January 1, 2019

Beginning January 1, 2019, the Unit will incorporate three additional elements of the MSCA into it's emphasis program.  The additional elements include:

  1. 39-71-1505(1)(a)(i) requires that employers provide a documented new employee general safety orientation;
  2. 39-71-1505(2) requires that an employer of more than five employees to have a comprehensive and effective safety program, including but not limited to:
    1. a safety committee composed of equal representation of employee and employer representatives that hold regularly scheduled meetings, at least every four months.
    2. procedures of reporting and investigating all work-related incidents, accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

 If you work for a public sector entity and would like to report an unsafe workplace please call (406) 444-6401.


The Consultation Program provides on-site consultation services to both private and public sector; this includes small companies, city, county, and state entities. The goal is to help identify and correct safety and health hazards to reduce potential accidents, injuries, and monetary penalties from regulatory bodies. Consultations are confidential, conducted at no charge, and can include any of the following:  
•    Walk-through survey: safety and/or health
•    Safety and health program assessment
•    Industrial hygiene sampling (noise, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.)
•    Technical assistance
•    SHARP participation
•    Training 

To request a consultation call (406) 494-0324 or via email at: Free Safety Consultation Request


The Mine Section provides scheduled mine safety training and is responsible for workplace safety and health compliance in coal mines and sand and gravel operations. Click on the Mine Safety & Health Link to see the types of training available and the training schedule.

To contact the Mine Section call (406) 444-6401.


The Outreach Section provides free OHSA 10-Hour Training in Construction and General Industry in high schools and colleges across the state. In addition, the Outreach Section also partners with Job Service Offices across the state to provide classes to Montana’s business community.

SafetyFestMT is largest outreach effort by the Department of Labor & Industry. There are four events throughout the year in different locations throughout Montana. These events are free for participants and geared to meet the needs of the communities their held in. To learn more about SafetyFest visit

Contact Information

Safety & Health Bureau Chief
Bryan Page ( or 406-444-1605)

Compliance/Mine Unit Supervisor
Jerry Laughery ( or 406-444-1797)

Consultation Unit Supervisor
Tiffany Ott ( or 406-490-2331)

Outreach Unit Supervisor
Casey Kyler-West ( or 406-444-5267)

Administrative Support
Helena - Lana Cooper ( or 406-444-6401)
Butte - Meaghan Mulcahey ( or 406-494-0324)