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Consultation Services:

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry's Safety and Health Bureau is dedicated to help improve safety and health in all Montana’s workplaces. The Consultation Program provides on-site consultation services to assist with compliance of OSHA regulations in both private and public sector.  Our professional staff can help employers identify safety and health hazards and provide recommendations to eliminate or reduce hazards and improve overall safety and health programs.

What we can do for you:

There are no fees charged for the consultation nor are fines or penalties levied for any safety or health hazards observed during the consultation.  The consultation may include:

  • Workplace hazard assessments
  • Employee sampling to determine workplace exposures
  • Recommendations to control and eliminate safety & health hazards
  • Assistance with OSHA regulations compliance
  • Evaluation & development of safety & health programs
  • Safety & Health Management System evaluation
  • Safety & health training provided at SafetyFestMT
  • Education on the Montana Safety Culture Act requirements
  • Safety brochures and materials.

With your cooperation and commitment an effective consultation may reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.


Who Can Request a Consultation?

Employers or employees, with the approval from the employer, may request this service by contacting the Montana Department of Labor & Industry Safety and Health Bureau, at (406) 494-0324.

An Effective Consultation may:

  • Assist in eliminating workplace safety and health hazards.
  • Develop or strengthen safety & health programs.
  • Establish a safety culture in the work place that may lower workers' compensation costs by reducing workplace injury and illness.
  • Participate in OSHA's Safety & Health Achievement

Schedule a Consultation:

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