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Consultation Services:

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry's Safety and Health Bureau is dedicated to help improve safety and health in all Montana’s workplaces. The Consultation Program provides on-site consultation services to assist with compliance of OSHA regulations in both private and public sector.  Our professional staff can help employers identify safety and health hazards and provide recommendations to eliminate or reduce hazards and improve overall safety and health programs.

If you need to make a complaint about an employer in the private sector, please contact the Montana OSHA office at (406) 247-7494.

What we can do for you:

There are no fees charged for the consultation nor are fines or penalties levied for any safety or health hazards observed during the consultation.  The consultation may include:

  • Workplace hazard assessments
  • Employee sampling to determine workplace exposures
  • Recommendations to control and eliminate safety & health hazards
  • Assistance with OSHA regulations compliance
  • Evaluation & development of safety & health programs
  • Safety & Health Management System evaluation
  • Safety & health training provided at SafetyFestMT
  • Education on the Montana Safety Culture Act requirements
  • Safety brochures and materials.

With your cooperation and commitment an effective consultation may reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

Who Can Request a Consultation?

Employers or employees, with the approval from the employer, may request this service by contacting the Montana Department of Labor & Industry Safety and Health Bureau, at (406) 494-0324.

An Effective Consultation may:

  • Assist in eliminating workplace safety and health hazards.
  • Develop or strengthen safety & health programs.
  • Establish a safety culture in the work place that may lower workers' compensation costs by reducing workplace injury and illness.
  • Participate in OSHA's Safety & Health Achievement

Contact Information:

Unit Supervisor
Tiffany Ott                                             

Administrative Support

Industrial Hygienists:

Jennene Lyda                                     
Missoula/Western MT

Molly McNabb                         

Kristi Witt                                             
Butte/Central MT

Safety & Health Specialists

Billy Chilton                                       
Missoula/Western MT

Stephanie Cunningham            
Butte/Central MT

Breeina McDougall                     
Butte/Central MT

Marissa Morgan                           
Butte/Central MT

Chris Tacke                                      
Great Falls           

Consultant Profiles

Billy Chilton - Missoula
Billy grew up in Missoula where he graduated from Loyola Sacred Heart High School. He then attended Montana Tech, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Occupational Safety & Health. He loves to ski, hunt, and fish.

Stephanie Cunningham - Butte
Stephanie graduated from Montana Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health in 2014. She then worked as a safety, health, and environmental specialist at an oil and gas company in Texas for about a year. After missing the Montana lifestyle she was accustomed to, she soon moved back to Butte and became a safety and health consultant for the Montana Department of Labor & Industry.  Stephanie chose this career to help educate, train and ensure workers return home to their families each day. In her spare time she enjoys spending it outdoors embracing the Montana lifestyle.

Jennene Lyda - Missoula
Jennene Lyda is born and raised in Montana. She attended both Montana State University, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology, and the University of Montana receiving a Master’s of Science in Toxicology. During her laboratory research and involvement in the graduate program at the U of M – Center for Environmental Health Science, department she developed a passion for occupational and environmental exposures.

After graduating in August 2014, she briefly worked at an environmental consulting company before beginning her career as an Industrial Hygienist with the Department of Labor & Industry. She is also happy to have the opportunity to serve on the Asbestos Advisory Council for the Department of Environmental Quality.   Jennene is truly a ‘Montanan’ and spends her spare time enjoying the many outdoor opportunities - fishing, backpacking, mountain biking, and skiing.

Breeinna McDougall - Butte
Breeinna is a native Montanan and earned her B.S. in Occupational Safety & Health with an option in Applied Health from Montana Tech of the University of Montana.  Throughout the past years she gained knowledge and experience while working in the construction and mining industries.  With the desire to strengthen the safety culture within the workplace and ensure that workers can return home to their families each day, Breeinna became a Compliance Specialist for the Montana Department of Labor & Industry. In her spare time Breeinna enjoys any adventure that the breathtaking state she is proud to call home has to offer.

Molly McNabb - Butte
Molly attended Montana Tech where she received her bachelor degree in Occupational Safety and Health and her M.S. in Industrial Hygiene.  During her education, Molly received experience in mining, nuclear energy, and construction on a on a Superfund site.

Following graduation, Molly accepted a job with The Boeing Company.  There, she helped improve the safety culture by involving machinists more in the problem-solving process.  The many complex projects concerning safety and health increased her knowledge in the safety and health field.  Missing Montana, Molly returned to her home state.  She is now working for the Department of Labor and Industry as a consultant for safety and health. Molly chose the Safety and Health field to ensure people stay safe while on the job.

Marissa Morgan - Butte
Marissa Morgan recently completed her M.S. in Industrial Hygiene and received a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health – Science and Engineering. She chose this profession to assist individuals with occupational/environmental health and safety concerns as encountered on the job. Throughout the past several years she has worked in the oil and gas industry and on an EPA superfund site. The oil and gas field experience included air sampling for benzene, total hydrocarbons, and hydrogen sulfide; additionally, she conducted noise surveys and dosimetry assessments.

During her job site supervision and safety support tasks, Marissa gained the respect of the employees involved. She has conducted field audits for compliance of OSHA which allowed for field experience in different operations. At the EPA/DEQ superfund site in Troy, Montana, her responsibilities included data collection, field technician supervision, quality control/quality assurance, and data management. Her hard work and dedication has allowed her to fulfill many different experiences, enabling greater responsibilities.

Chris Tacke - Great Falls
Chris is a 2011 graduate of Montana Tech of the University of Montana, earning a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health and a minor in Biology. After graduating from Montana Tech, Chris started his safety career as the Health and Safety Manager for the Grand Teton Lodge Company in the Grand Teton National Park. While working for the Grand Teton Lodge Company, Chris also worked for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS as a Firefighter/EMT-Basic.

In February of 2014, Chris and his family moved back to Montana and he started working for the Montana Department of Transportation as a Safety Consultant in the Billings and Great Falls Districts.  Currently, Chris is a Safety and Health Specialist with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry- Safety Bureau in the Great Falls Field office.

Kristine Witt - Butte
Kristi graduated from Montana Tech with a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health in 2009, and graduated in May of 2011 with an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene.  For three years Kristi worked as a Health and Wellness Tech at St. James Hospital in Butte and has worked as economic consultant for Conoco at their Thompson Falls facility.

Kristi played Volleyball for Montana Tech and continues to enjoy her lifelong love of athletics by coaching at Butte High School.  She also volunteers for Special Olympics.

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