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Workers' Comp Claims Asst. Bureau

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About the Workers' Compensation Claims Assistance Bureau

The Claims Assistance Bureau provides a variety of information sharing, monitoring and regulatory services for the workers' compensation industry and claimants.

The Claim Assistance Unit ensures compliance with workers' compensation and occupational disease laws relating to benefits and claims. Unit staff provide assistance to claimants and insurers by informing them of applicable laws and assisting them in claims processing procedures.

The Data Management Unit ensures compliance with claims reporting standards, maintains the workers' compensation database system and completes a comprehensive annual report on workers' compensation for the Governor and the legislature.  In addition, the unit performs research on the workers' compensation system and related topics.

The Workers' Compensation Mediation Unit provides an alternative method of resolving disputed claims prior to involving the Workers' Compensation Court. This mandatory, non-binding mediation is an informal process to provide a solution to claim disputes.

The Medical Regulations Unit now reports to the Bureau Chief of the Workers’ Compensation Claims Assistance Bureau.  Among other tasks, the Unit is responsible for publishing updates to the Montana Non-Facility Fee Schedule and the various Facility Fee Schedule components on the Department’s website.  The Unit is also responsible for developing, interpreting and implementing the numerous statutes and administrative rules that provide direction on how the fee schedules are administered.  The Medical Regulations Unit is also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Montana Utilization and Treatment Guidelines and the web-based delivery system designed for and accessible from the Department’s website.  We also serve as administrators for the Subsequent Injury Fund (SIF) which was developed to encourage employers to hire and retain injured workers. In general, The Medical Regulations Unit serves as a liaison between the Department and those who have questions or need assistance with issues relating to the medical regulation of workers’ compensation claims in Montana.

Montana Codes Annotated (MCA)

If you wish to view the latest codes, go to the Montana Codes Annotated page. To view the Montana Codes for prior years, go to the Montana Legislature site and then select the year needed. The sections you will need to reference are located in Title 39 Labor. They are Chapter 8 - Professional Employer Organizations, Chapter 9 - Contractor Registration, Chapter 71 - Workers' Compensation, Chapter 72 - Occupational Disease, and Chapter 73 - Silicosis Benefits.

Montana Workers' Compensation and Occupational Disease Laws (the "Blue Book") Order Form

Administrative Rules of Montana

The Department of Labor and Industry Administrative Rules are also available for use on the Secretary of State web site and includes these chapters: Chapter 28 Workers' Compensation Mediation; Chapter 29 Workers' Compensation and Occupational Disease; Chapter 33 Contractor Registration and Chapter 35 Independent Contractors.