Claims Assistance

The Claims Assistance Unit ensures compliance with the Workers' Compensation Act relating to benefits and claims. The unit works closely with adjusting companies handling worker’s compensation claims to ensure compliance with statutes and administrative rules.  

The unit works with injured workers to better help them understand the workers’ compensation system and answer their questions.  The unit works as a liaison between the injured worker and their adjusting company, regulates attorney fees and works directly with both Insurers and claimant attorneys.  

The unit is responsible for the administration of the Claims Examiner Certification process, which includes an examination, a two year certification and renewal process, oversees continuing education requirements and manages qualifications for instructors.  

The unit administers the Stay at Work/Return to Work (SAW/RTW) program, which works with injured workers, employers, insurers and health care providers to expedite the process of returning an injured worker to work as soon as is possible.  In situations where the insurer cannot be identified, the program will provide the assistance.

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