Montana Workers' Compensation Claims Assistance

The WC Claims Assistance Bureau is responsible for regulating Workers' Compensation carriers within the state of Montana. In addition, the Bureau has several units handling different aspects of the the WC process.

Claims Assistance: This unit ensures compliance with the Workers' Compensation Act relating to benefits and claims.

Dispute Resolution: This unit is responsible for a statutorily required process for resolving WC benefits prior to the need for filing in the WC Court.

Medical Regulations:This unit is the primary liaison for the Department with providers, claims examiners and insurers who have questions, need assistance or require direction on all issues relating to the medical regulation of WC claims such as medical fee schedules, U&T Guidelines and timely payments.

Data Management: This unit is responsible for the collection, data quality and maintenance of WC claims and injury information.


Montana Workers' Compensation and Occupational Disease Laws and Administrative Rules

2017 BlueBook Web Payment Form 
2017 BlueBook (electronic version)


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