Licensed PEO List

This list is current as of January 2021. Should you not find a PEO or have questions please contact Brett Wall or Tracy Gonzalez

39-8-401.  Disclosure of information. (1) The department may not disclose to any person the records, statements, or documents received from an applicant, client, or professional employer organization or group, except: (a)  information necessary for public employees in the performance of their public duties; or (b)  in response to an order received by a court of competent jurisdiction upon a finding that the disclosure of the record, statement, or document is necessary because the merits of disclosure clearly exceed the demand for individual privacy.
 (2)  The department may publish or make available to the public reasonable statistical data or reports regarding professional employer organizations or groups if the data or reports protect the identity of an applicant, client, or professional employer organization or group.

1 Group license #1
  ADP TotalSource Inc
  ADP TotalSource I Inc
  ADP TotalSource II Inc
  ADP TotalSource III Inc 
  ADP TotalSource DE IV Inc
2 Group license #2
  ADP TotalSource FL XI Inc
  ADP TotalSource FL XVII Inc
  ADP TotalSource FL XXIX Inc
  ADP TotalSource MI XXX Inc
  ADP TotalSource CO XXIII Inc
3 Group license #3
  ADP TotalSource MI VI LLC
  ADP TotalSource MI VII LLC
  ADP TotalSource CO XXII Inc
  ADP TotalSource FL XVI Inc
  ADP TotalSource NH XXVIII Inc
4 Group license #4
  ADP TotalSource FL XVIII Inc
  ADP TotalSource FL XIX Inc
  ADP TotalSource CO XXI Inc
5 AK Employer Services LLC
6 AlphaStaff Inc (Group license)
  AlphaStaff Systems V Inc
7 Amplify HR Management LLC
8 Apex Human Resources Inc 
9 Avitus Inc (Group license)
  Avitus 3 Inc
10 Axcet HR Solutions Inc 
11 Barrett Business Services Inc dba BBSI
12 C2 Essentials Inc
13 CEOHR Inc
14 CoAdvantage Resources Inc (Group license)
  CoAdvantage Resources IV Inc 
  CoAdvantage Resources 16 Inc 
15 CoAdvantage Resources 60 LLC
16 Cohesive Networks 2 Inc
17 Concurrent HRO LLC
18 DCXL Inc
  Alabama Staff Inc 
19 DecisionHR I Inc
20 E3 HR Inc
21 EA Advantage LLC
22 eEmployers Solutions Inc
23 Emergent IV LLC
24 Employee Resource Administration LP
25 Employer Flexible HR VI LLC
26 Employers Resource Management Company dba Employers Resource
27 Employer's Risk Administrators LLC
28 Employment Solutions Inc. DBA Advanced Payroll Solutions
29 Empower HR LLC
30 Essential HR Inc dba FirstStarHR
31 ESG Achievement Inc.
  ESG Entities Inc
32 Extensis Inc
33 Fortune -  HR LLC
34 FrankCrum 1 Inc (Group license)
  FrankCrum 6 Inc
  FrankCrum 11 Inc
35 Fullstack Inc
36 G & A Outsourcing LLC
37 Genesis HR Solutions Inc
38 Helpside Inc
39 HR Buds LLC
40 HR Outsourcing Associates LLC
41 Human Capital Concepts LLC
42 Human Resources and Payroll Inc
43 Innoworks Employment Services Inc
44 Insperity Inc (Administaff Companies Inc)
45 Insperity PEO Services LP
46 InTandem Human Resources LLC
47 Integrated Employer Solutions Inc
48 ISI HR Inc dba Stratus HR
49 JustWorks Employment Group LLC
50 Landrum Professional Employer Services Inc V
51 LBMC Employment Partners LLC
52 Legacy Human Resources Inc
53 Lever1 LLC
54 Lyons HR LLC
55 Modern HR Inc
56 Nextep Business Solutions Inc
  Nextep Business Solutions IV Inc
57 Oasis Group #1
  Oasis AHR Inc 
  Oasis DEG Inc HRC LLC
  Oasis HR Solutions III Inc
58 Oasis Group #2
  Oasis AHR HRC LLC 
  Oasis Outsourcing Admin Group Inc 
  Oasis Outsourcing V Inc 
59 Optimum Employer Solutions LLC
60 Paychex Business Solutions LLC (Group license)
  PBS of America LLC
  PBS of Central Florida LLC
  Paychex PEO I LLC
  Paychex PEO II LLC
61 Paychex PEO III LLC (Group license)
  Paychex PEO IV LLC
  Paychex PEO V LLC
  Paychex PEO VI LLC
  Paychex PEO VII LLC
62 Payday HR Connections Inc
63 Payroll Plus Corporation
64 PCI Staff Leasing Inc
65 PeopLease LLC
66 Pinnacle Mountan West LP
67 Prestige Employee Administrators II Inc
68 Pro Resources Corporation (Group license)
  Pro Workforce Inc
69 Progressive Employer Management III LLC (Group License)
  Strategic Staffing Services Inc
70 Quality Payroll Services Inc
71 QTI Human Resources Inc
72 Real Benefits Group Inc DBA Aliat
73 Resource Management Inc 
74 Resourcing Edge 1 LLC (Group License)
  Resourcing Edge 3 LLC
  Sequent Inc
75 Rippling PEO 1 Inc (Group)
  Rippling PEO 2 Inc
  Rippling PEO 3 Inc
76 S2 HR Solutions 1D LLC DBA Engage PEO
77 Sequoia One PEO LLC
78 Solution Services Inc
79 Spur Employment Inc
80 StaffPay Inc dba Emplicity
81 SWBC Professional Employer Services I LLC DBA SWBC PEO
82 Syndeo Outsourcing LLC (Group license)
  Syndeo Outsourcing II LLC
83 Synergy PEO LLC
84 Tandem Professional Employer Services IV Inc
85 Total Human Resources Inc
86 Transport Leasing/Contract Inc
87 TriNet HR I Inc (Group license)
  TriNet HR II Inc
  TriNet HR III Inc
  TriNet HR III-A Inc
  TriNet HR IV LLC
88 TriNet HR II-A Inc (Group license)
  TriNet HR III-B Inc 
  TriNet HR XI Inc
89 Trion Solutions I & II Inc (Group license)
90 United Benefits Consulting Inc 
91 Vensure HR Inc
92 WorkCentric LLC
93 WorkSmart Systems Inc
94 Xen 1 Inc DBA Xenium Resources (Group license)
  Xen 2 Inc DBA Xenium Resources