Worker Health

Mission & Value Statement

The mission of the Montana Occupational Health & Safety Surveillance program (MOHSS) is to identify, track, and monitor work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in order to improve worker health and safety across Montana.

The Montana Occupational Health & Safety Surveillance (MOHSS) program will:

  • Build a strong and dependable occupational health surveillance system for Montana
  • Conduct high quality research on workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities in Montana
  • Provide useful and timely information so that workers and employers in Montana can be aware of health hazards in the workplace
  • Collaborate with workers, organizations, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and intervention
  • Tackle occupational health projects to address the needs of the Montana workforce
  • Do our best work for the people of Montana

Noteworthy News

New! ATV Rider Safety Online Course - Unique online lessons cover ATV safety gear, operations, riding strategies, agricultural uses, and advanced techniques ($25 cost) (January 2018)

New! Working in Cold Weather in Montana - quarterly occupational health newsletter from MOHSS (December 14, 2017)

Wood Dust and Work-Related Asthma booklet - explains how wood dust can be harmful to workers, and describes work-related asthma (California, December 2017)

Safety Management in Construction Industry 2017 - report on impacts of safety-related practices and safety training methods in Construction (CPWR, December 2017)

Video: Overview of Lead and Health Effects - talks about sources of lead exposure and potential health effects of lead poisoning (Missouri, October 2017)

Newsletter on Health Care and Social Assistance Industry injuries in Montana from MOHSS (September 2017)

Industry Spotlights pages now available for 12 different industries, with injury data specific to Montana (May 2017)


Check out the Montana Reports page and Health and Safety Tools page for more resources! 


Contact Info

Julia M. Brennan, MPH

(406) 444-1722