Montana Reports

MT Worker Health Reports


  • New! Health Care and Social Assistance Industry in Montana (September 2017) - newsletter 
  • Construction Industry in Montana (June 2017) - newsletter
  • Occupational Health Newsletter - Overview of MT Worker Health program (March 2017) - newsletter 

Fact Sheets

Industry Spotlight pages - one-page sheets with industry-specific worker health and safety information for Montana (new!)

Full Reports

  • Occupational Health Indicators: Montana 2004-2014 (March 2017) - report
  • Assaults on Healthcare Workers in Montana (November 2016) - report

Data Tables

  • Data update to Assaults on Healthcare Workers in Montana report (December 2016) - addendum
  • Occupational Health Indicators for Montana, 2004-2014 - table

MT Worker Health Presentations

  • SafetyFestMT presentation: Occupational Health Indicators in Montana (August 14, 2017) - slides

Other Relevant Reports

Reports from other programs on health or work-releated issues in Montana: