Department of Labor and Industry

Data Management Unit

Data Management Unit

The Data Management Unit ensures compliance with claims reporting standards, maintains the workers’ compensation database system and completes a comprehensive annual report on workers’ compensation for the Governor and the legislature.  In addition, the unit performs research on the workers’ compensation system and related topics.

Workers' Compensation Claim Reporting by Insurers

All insurers are to file a complete report of every injury or occupational disease to the department, either on a paper claim form or by electronic means within specified timelines.  Electronic reporting is required if an insurer or third party administrator submits more than 50 injuries in the preceding calendar year.   Please contact David Elenbaas at or 406-444-6527 for questions on claim reporting.

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Third Party Administrator Notification (39-71-107(4) MCA)

Montana statute requires insurers to notify the Department of Labor & Industry of any changes of third party administrators with respect to the handling of Montana workers’ compensation claims.  The insurer must notify the department in writing 14 days in advance of when the account is transferred. Penalties, not to exceed $200 per instance, may be assessed for failure to report changes.

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Electronic Prior Claims (EPC)

The Electronic Prior Claims (EPC) system allows an insurer, an insurer’s designated agent, an attorney, a medical provider or an authorized state employee to obtain current or prior claim information. The EPC system provides timeliness in obtaining the necessary information and the convenience of looking up the information directly from your computer.

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