Department of Labor and Industry

Previous EDI Notices


Intent to Adopt Claims Release 3:  On June 7, 2012, the Department of Labor and Industry announced its intention to adopt the IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.0.  The Department plans to adopt the international reporting standards on a voluntary basis in the next three to five years.   This link contains the entire notice.

FROI/SROI Edit Matrix Change: In the near future, Montana will begin returning a TR (Transaction Rejected) for reports received with invalid Social Security Numbers (DN42), per SSA guidelines.  Communications will also be initiated with Trading Partners to correct invalid SSNs already submitted.   (Posted 11/17/11)

FROI Edit Matrix Change:  Effective 11/9/2011, Montana began returning a TR (Transaction Rejected) for FROI submissions containing ‘99’ in the Part of Body Injured Code (DN0036).  (Posted 11/9/2011.)