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You can use this search feature to find decisions pertaining to any word or phrase in the document. Please be aware that all decisions may not appear.

Start by typing the keyword you are interested in.

Exampleunilateral - will return decisions which contains the word unilateral.

Example: unilateral change - will return only the documents which contain these words in sequence.

Searching by year is not recommended

By typing 2009 into the search bar, the site will return every decision which contains the number 2009, rather than just the decisions issued in 2009. It would be more effective to search by the name of the case, or the issues you are looking for.

When searching a specific date do not include any punctuation. ExampleAugust 5, 2010

If your search does not return the decision you are looking for you may want to…

• Check that your search is spelled correctly

• Think of alternative or more descriptive words. Rather than searching racial harassment you might try racial or race or national origin; harassment. This will widen the search parameters and return more results.

• Check to see if the respondent you are searching for could be listed under a different name