Department of Labor and Industry

Plan 2 Security Deposit Forms

Book Entry

General Information - Book Entry Deposits

Attached are the documents required to place a book-entry deposit with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry. These documents consist of:

Corporate Resolution
Trust Agreement
Irrevocable Assignment and Special Power of Attorney

The Corporate Resolution gives authority to certain officers in your company to sign the other documents. You may substitute your own corporate resolution for ours if you so desire. The date of the resolution must precede the signature date on the other documents. The signatures on the Trust Agreement and the Irrevocable Assignment must be exactly as described in your resolution.

The Trust Agreement establishes a trust account with the company of your choice. This Agreement must be completed in triplicate; the Department, the Trust Company, and you, the depositor, must each have an original. Execute (3) originals of the Trust Agreement, submit them to the Department. One completely executed Agreement will be returned to you, one will be retained by the Department, and one by the Trust Company.

The Irrevocable Assignment of Securities provides a detailed description of the security, including the CUSIP number. Once your trust account is established, this is the only document you must submit when replacing a maturing security.

The trust companies listed below are authorized by the Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Employment Relations Division to accept book-entry securities:

U S Bank Trust
Attention: Rebekah Fink
P.O. Box 1678 P.O. Box 597
Last Chance Gulch & 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59624
(406) 447-5245

Wells Fargo PCS
Attention: Marie T. Mullarkey
350 North Last Chance Gulch
Helena, MT 59624
(406) 447-2040