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Workers' Compensation Study Project

Workers' Compensation Study Project


Workers’ compensation systems are a complex balance of benefits, premiums and costs which vary from state to state.  The purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Study Project is to define and conduct a study that establishes accurate means of comparison across other state systems and report the results in an objective manner.

The study will

  • Identify specific and well-defined metrics, as well as sources for data, for the basis of the study.
  •  Solicit support for the study by engaging the input of stakeholders and interested parties, such as insurers, medical providers, injured workers, and legislators.
  • Provide Montana workers’ compensation policy makers with baseline information on the current status of the Montana system, as compared empirically and accurately with other states in the region.
  • Determine primary cost drivers in the Montana workers’ compensation system.

For more information email or call Anne Wolfinger at 406-444-9012.