Board of Personnel Appeals Forms

This page contains common forms to be used in filing cases before the Board of Personnel Appeals. Parties to cases before the Board are encouraged to use this format, although a form of your own construction is acceptable provided the form contains the same substantive information as the forms found at this website. When submitting a case to the Board the original hard copy should be submitted along with three copies of the original. The completed form, necessary copies, and any attachments should be sent to the attention of the:

Board of Personnel Appeals
P.O. Box 201503
Helena, MT 59620-1503
(406) 444-6543

A complete text of Board rules can be found at BOPA Administrative Rules.

Unfair Labor Practices Joint Request for Assistance 

Petition to Intervene Petition for Unit Clarification 

New Unit Determination Decertification Classification and Wage Appeal 

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