Roster of Arbitrators

The Board of Personnel Appeal as a regular part of its statutory obligation maintains a roster of qualified arbitrators to hear disputes arising out of collective bargaining agreement interpretation in the public sector, State of Montana, political subdivisions of the State, and school districts.

To view the resumes of arbitrators currently on the roster, select the name of the arbitrator and a PDF version of their resume will be displayed. 

The parties to the arbitration as well as arbitrators wishing to be included on the roster or arbitrators currently on the roster should be aware of the disclosure of 27-5-116 Montana Code Annotated. 

See the Statute for more information.

Arbitrators who want to modify their resumes or who wish to be considered for inclusion on the roster can submit a PDF resume for consideration by the board by emailing

If you wish the Board to generate a panel of arbitrators for your dispute contact or 406-444-6543. 

Current list of Arbitrators



Alan Krebs Washington                        
Anne MacIntyre Montana
Anthony Vivenzio Washington
Arthur McCoy Minnesota
C. Allen Pool California
Carl C. Bosland California
Catherine Harris California
David Gaba Washington
David Paull Minnesota
David Stiteler                            Oregon
Elinor Nelson California
Eric Lindauer Oregon
Fredric Dichter Washington
Gary Kloepfer Ohio
George Fleischli Wisconsin
George Larney Arizona
Howell Lankford Oregon
James Brennwald Illinois
James Carr Colorado
James Lundbergs Minnesota
Jeff Jacobs Minnesota
Jeff Minckler Montana
Jerry Hetrick Indiana
John Caraway Oregon
Jonathan Monat California
Kenneth Pederson Washington
Leroy Schramm Montana
Luella Nelson Oregon
Mark Downing Washington
Page Todd Garcia Washington
Patrick Halter Montana
Phillip Finkelstein Minnesota
Pilar Vaile Colorado
Rex Wiant Missouri
Ronald Hoh California
Stanley Michelstetter Wisconsin
Stephen Bonney Missouri
Stephen Biersmith California
Steven Hoffmeyer Minnesota
Thomas Levak Oregon
Timothy Williams Oregon
Vincent Natoli, Jr. California
Yuval Miller California
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