Common Referrals

Can I File a Complaint with the Human Rights Bureau?

If your questions have not been answered by this site, you may find that one of the following offices better suits your needs.

Legal Assistance

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Works to defend the individual rights of the U.S. Constitution and laws HELENA- 406-443-8590

Montana Legal Services Association
May be able to provide free legal assistance for low income clients
HELENA- 406-442-9830
TOLL FREE- 800-666-6899

State Bar of Montana
May be able to provide referral for an attorney in your area
HELENA- 406-449-6577


Montana Citizens Advocate
Can answer questions about state government, and can help you find the appropriate office to assist with your situation.
HELENA- 406-444-3468
TOLL FREE- 800-332-2272  

Disability Rights Montana
Can assist persons with disabilities when dealing with legal and civil matters
HELENA- 406-449-2344
TOLL FREE- 800-245-4743

Montana Human Rights Network
A lobbyist group that works to promote democratic values
HELENA- 406-442-5506

Montana Veterans Affairs
Provides service to Montana’s military veterans
HELENA- 406-495-2080

Montana Office of Public Instruction
Advocates for Montana schools and students
HELENA- 406-444-3095
TOLL FREE- 888-231-9393

Montana Secretary of State
Responsible for filing of records for business and overseeing honest elections
HELENA- 406-444-2034


Montana Department Of Labor & Industry
Enforces Montana employment laws
HELENA- 406-444-2840

U.S. Department of Labor
Enforces federal employment law
TOLL FREE- 866-487-2965

U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act
Provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year
TOLL FREE- 866-487-9243

Montana Department of Labor & Industry Compliance and Investigation Bureau
Enforces provisions of the Montana Wage Payment Act, minimum wage and overtime law, Public Contracts / Prevailing Wage Law and the State Child Labor Standards Act
HELENA- 406-444-6543

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal agency responsible for enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws: The Montana Human Rights Bureau may be able to assist you with filing your EEOC complaint.
MONTANA HUMAN RIGHTS BUREAU, HELENA 800-542-0807 or 406-444-2884
Seattle Field Office 800-669-4000


Enforces federal fair housing laws and can provide low income housing assistance
HELENA- 406-449-5050

Montana Landlord Association
Provides education and assistance to landlords across Montana
HELENA- 406-449-1121

Montana Fair Housing
A private, non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction and eradication of housing discrimination in our state.
BUTTE- 406-782-2573
TOLL FREE- 800-929-2611


Offers legal, labor, human resource, policy, training, and governmental relations services to Montana school districts
HELENA- 406-442-2180

U.S. Office for Civil Rights
Ensures equal access to education
TOLL FREE- 800-872-5327

Montana Board of Public Education
Establishes school accreditation and teacher certification, acts as the governing agency for the School for the Deaf and Blind
HELENA 406-444-6576

Other Montana Offices

Provides consumer protection, vehicle registration, victim services, and law enforcement
HELENA- 406-444-2026
Consumer Referrals
Enforces Montana’s insurance and securities regulations
HELENA- 406-444-2040

Montana Department of Commerce
Supports Montana’s business and infrastructure
HELENA- 406-841-2700

Montana Department of Corrections
Provides for public safety, reintegration of offenders into the community and supports the victims of crime.
HELENA- 406-444-3930

Governor's Office
Upholds the executive power of the Montana Constitution
HELENA- 406-444-3111

Montana Legislature
Find your local representative
HELENA 406-444-3064

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Administers public assistance programs, healthcare licensing, and child protective services
HELENA- 406-444-5622

Other Federal Offices

Enforces the HIPAA privacy rule
TOLL FREE- 877-696-6775

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Works to prevent work-related injuries and illness
TOLL FREE- 800-321-6742