Medical Regulations

Notice of Public Hearing for Prosthetic Devices

The Department will be holding a public hearing on January 24, 2020 at 10:00am on the proposed new definition of prosthesis. Click here for complete information.

The Workers' Compensation Section is the primary liaison for the Department with providers, claims examiners and insurers who have questions, need assistance or require direction on all issues relating to the medical regulation of workers’ compensation claims, including medical fee schedules, Utilization and Treatment Guidelines, and timely payments.

The section maintains and updates medical fee schedules for providers and payers and ensures access through a web based delivery system. The unit has a Medical Director, who is responsible for the maintenance, annual updates, distribution and training of the Montana Utilization and Treatment Guidelines. The Medical Director also performs independent medical reviews for denied services.

The section certifies injured workers for the Subsequent Injury Fund (SIF), applies the fee schedules to medical expenses, makes decisions on requested settlements as needed, manages the SIF fund balance, and authorizes payments for eligible SIF expenses.


Periodically the Department may post clarifications on the medical fee schedules.  These can be located once the user has accepted the website usage permissions and logged into the site.  See the Montana Facility Fee Schedule for the following clarification:

Reopening of Closed Workers' Compensation Medical Benefits

The new administrative rules will be in place as well as the business process for injured workers to begin submitting petitions requesting reopening of their medical benefits that were statutorily closed by MCA 36-71-704(1)(f). This process is only for those dates of injury on or after July 1, 2011.

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