Online Payment


Read these instructions before visiting the online payment webpage:

  • You may pay your application fees for an Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate, Construction Contractor Registration, Home Inspector Registration, or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) license by clicking on the link above.
  • After making an online payment, do not forget to mail your completed application. Initial and renewal applications must be mailed in to be processed.
  • If you have already mailed your application, please notify us of your payment by phone. 

Payment processing fees:

  • Master Card, Visa, or Discover Card: (application fee(s) x .01995) + $0.25.
  • American Express: (application fees(s) x .0215) + $0.25.
  • Echeck: $2.00 per transaction.
  • Money Orders and Checks: No fees, except postage when mailed.

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