Stay at Work/Return to Work

SAW/RTW is a proactive, comprehensive program for employees with work related injuries and/or illnesses. SAW/RTW is a way to provide meaningful and productive temporary transitional duty as a bridge back to full normal employment as quickly as medically possible during the healing period.

SAW/RTW Programs are designed to reduce the negative impact of work-related injuries and illnesses for injured workers. In addition, it provides injured workers and their healthcare providers support in planning their return to full duty work when they are ready.

Program Goal

Minimize avoidable disruption caused by work-related injury or occupational disease and assist the injured worker to return as soon as possible to:

  • The same position with the same employer, or
  • A modified position with the same employer.

Program Benefits

  • Provides injured workers with suitable transitional duties
  • Assists in maintaining injured worker's job skills
  • Reduces the negative impact to the injured worker's disposable income
  • Helps the employer retain their most valuable resources - their employees
  • Helps reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries or occupational diseases
  • Helps reduce the overall claim cost and helps keep premium costs down

Assistance Availability

The injured worker, employer or healthcare provider may request SAW/RTW assistance at anytime. Assistance is available unless:

  • The worker has been determined to be a disabled worker
  • The worker has refused a job that the worker is:
    • Physically capable of
    • Qualified to do, and
    • Wages are at least equal to time of injury job
  • The worker has actually returned to work
  • The worker’s claim has been closed or settled

Contact Information

SAW/RTW Program Manager
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