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The 1997 legislature provided the law and funding to build a prior claim history database for use by insurers at risk on a claim. To be considered "at risk" on a claim in Montana, the Insurer must have a First Report of Injury on file at the Employment Relations Division of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. 

This system provides the claimant's name, claimant's identification number, prior claim number, date of injury, body part involved, and name and address of the insurer and claim adjuster on each claim filed. Further details may be found in 39-71-225 MCA.

Insurers who want access to this site may complete the enclosed Access Agreement and send it to us. This agreement provides an opportunity for the Insurer to designate a Montana adjuster or third party administrator to access the site on their behalf. Each time the Insurer changes administrators they will need to notify us so we may provide access to their new administrator.

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