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Notice:  Under Montana law, parties must attempt to resolve their disputes BEFORE seeking mediation.  Mediation is required in most cases before a petition may be filed in the Workers' Compensation Court.  If you have not attempted to resolve your difference with the respondent as required by law, the mediator may be asked to vacate or postpone the conference.  To avoid this, make sure you have done the following before filing this petition:

(1) Tell the respondent, in writing, what you want and why you think you are entitled to it.

(2) Give the respondent 15 working days to respond to your request.  You may file for mediation sooner if your request is denied before 15 working days have passed.

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Mediation Petition Peticion de Mediacion
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You may submit mediation petitions by email to or by mail at:

Dispute Resolution Section
PO Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604

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