Frequently Asked Questions - Home Inspector Registration

Registration and Testing

Insurance Requirements

Renewal of Registration

Continuing Education

  • Yes, in order to renew a registration, each individual home inspector covered by the registration must earn 40 hours of continuing education relevant to home inspection over a two year period. Evidence of satisfying this requirement must be submitted in order to renew the registration.
  • You must submit documentation that demonstrates you satisfied the course requirements – (i.e. a certificate of completion, a transcript from your association, etc.)
  • The Department recognizes continuing education courses offered or recognized by:

    • American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
    • International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
    • Two or more states that require continuing education for Home Inspectors.

Consumer Complaints

  • There are several ways that the Home Inspector Registration program provides protection for consumers and the public. First, the program provides public information about who is authorized to conduct home inspection services in the state of Montana. Second, the program requires minimum levels of insurance for the protection of consumers and the public. Third, the program provides for a minimum standard of knowledge about home inspection and requires on-going continuing education for home inspectors. Finally, the program provides a way for the Department to take civil action through fines and other legal measures against certain kinds of false advertising by home inspectors.
  • Does the Department investigate and resolve consumer complaints made against registered home inspectors?

    No. The Department does not have the legal authority to handle consumer complaints about work performed by home inspectors. Consumers have legal recourse for complaints about home inspectors through the court system in a private lawsuit for money damages.

Fines and Penalties


Changes to Registration

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