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Mine Training

The Montana Safety and Health Bureau Mine Section provides scheduled mine safety training only. Please see the MINE TRAINING CALENDAR for specific training classes.

To register for classes, you must click on the class (on the calendar) that you wish to attend, and to complete the registration process you must notify the instructor listed (contact information is included with the class information on the calendar).

New Miner Training


20-Hour MSHA Surface New Miner Training - Helena April 4, 2017

20-Hour MSHA Surface New Miner Training - Bozeman May 2, 2017

20-Hour MSHA Surface New Miner Training - Great Falls May 16, 2017

20-Hour MSHA Surface New Miner Training - Billings June 6, 2017

20-Hour MSHA Surface New Miner Training - Kalispell June 13, 2017


32-Hour MSHA Underground New Miner Training - Billings May 9, 2017

Annual Refresher Training


8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Butte April 4, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Bozeman April 6, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Kalispell April 18, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Libby April 20, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Billings April 25, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Helena May 10, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher Havre May 24, 2017  Note: This class is being held at SafetyFest, so there will be no registration fee.  The link will take you to the SafetyFest registration page; you must register there to take this refresher class.

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Missoula May 31, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Great Falls June 6, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Bozeman June 8, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Surface Refresher - Billings June 20, 2017


8-Hour MSHA Annual Underground Refresher - Billings April 26, 2017

8-Hour MSHA Annual Underground Refresher - Billings June 21, 2017

Fees are charged to cover the cost of materials and meeting facilities for the following classes:

  • Refresher Class - $10/person
  • New Miner Class - $20/person

The Mine Section will provide the following scheduled training by certified MSHA instructors:

  • Annual refresher and new miner training for surface, underground, metal-nonmetal, and coal operations
  • First aid training for miners, as required by the MSHA training plan
  • Medic First Aid Plus (CPR & AED) training is also an option. Books need to be purchased in advance from Medic First Aid International online or call 800-800-7099. Please use the following ID: DLI 596.

Click on the following link to see DLI's Part 48 A & Part 48 B Training Plan.

Part 48 Instructor Training Course

At this time the Department of Labor & Industry has suspended Part 48 Instructor Training.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry's Safety and Health Bureau offers instructor classes to individuals seeking to becoming a certified MSHA instructor. This course is an important step in becoming an effective mine trainer and is designed to do just that. Taught by a MSHA designated instructor, the class meets the requirements of 30 CFR 48.3 h1.

All prospective instructors must be pre-approved by the MSHA District Manager.  Listed below is the contact info for your district Manager:

For more information regarding Part 48 Instructor Training please contact the Rocky Mountain District.

Please be aware of the following:

  • There is no official published application form. You may find it beneficial to send a resume; miner records including 5023s, and any other items that demonstrate your competency with your petition to become a trainer.
  • There are no official prerequisites to become a MSHA trainer.  It is the Department's understanding that petitioners need a minimum of 2 years surface or 3 years underground Part 48 experience in order to become a trainer.  However each approval is on a case by case basis.
  • You will need comprehensive knowledge of CFR part 30, in particular knowledge of training plans and records.
  • You may be given an impromptu phone evaluation by the MSHA district office.  You may be asked several questions over any part of CFR 30. Incomplete responses may prevent you from becoming an instructor.
  • You may apply for limited instructor approval.  This would allow you to teach a specific topic such as introduction to the environment.  We recommend that you indicate clearly at the beginning of your petition what specific topics you are requesting to teach.

The following information from the MSHA standards may help in understanding the process: 30 CFR 48.3

(h) Instructors shall be approved by the District Manager in one or more of the following ways:

  • Instructors shall take an instructor's training course conducted by the District Manager or given by persons designated by the District Manager to give such instruction; and instructors shall have satisfactorily completed a program of instruction approved by the Office of Educational Policy and Development, MSHA, in the subject matter to be taught.
  • Instructors may be designated by MSHA as approved instructors to teach specific courses based on written evidence of the instructor's qualifications and teaching experience.
  • At the discretion of the District Manager, instructors may be designated by MSHA as approved instructors to teach specific courses based on performance of the instructors while teaching classes monitored by MSHA. Operators shall indicate in the training plans submitted for approval whether they want to have instructors approved on monitored performance. The District Manager shall consider such factors as the size of the mine, the number of employees, the mine safety record and remoteness from a training facility when determining whether instructor approval based on monitored performance.

Part 46 Training

Part 46 training will be provided by the Mine Section in conjunction with our Part 48 training plan. We have worked cooperatively with MSHA to develop the following crosswalk to teach Part 46 & 48 classes together.

An operator will be responsible for assuring their Part 46 Training Plan mirrors the State of Montana MSHA Part 48 training plan (subjects and times). the operator is also responsible to update their plan to reflect our Staff as a competent person for either annual refresher and/or new miner training.

We will provide 20 of the 24 hours of New Miner training and 7.5 or the 8 hours of Annual Refresher Training at our centralized training locations. The operator's competent person will be required to complete the remaining hours and mandatory mine site subjects. Once completed, the person dedicated by the mine operator that is in charge of safety & health will sign the certificates as completed.

Part 46 was designed to be done by the operator. For assistance implementing your own Part 46 training see the list of resources below: State of Montana Part 48 Surface Training Plan, Crosswalk of Part 46 through Part 48 Training, training calendar link, MSHA Part 46 to Part 48 guidance- http://www.msha.gov/TRAINING/PART46/pt46pt48.htm#.VG4LIAqnNCQ.mailto

  • From MSHA - details on how to set up your own Part 46 training: msha.gov/training/part46/pt46train.htm
  • For the latest Mine Training Schedule e-mail jlaughery2@mt.gov or bpage@mt.gov
  • A limited number of Part 46 classes will be held at SafetyFest: check the website for upcoming trainings: www.safetyfestmt.com

We have shifted our resources to centralized training to reduce our training costs. We no longer offer onsite training. We apologize for the inconvenience and offer the following list of additional MSHA Onsite Contract Trainers. Please contact them directly for cost and availability. We do not endorse any of the following trainers.

MSHA Onsite Contract Training Resources
Beartooth Safety Training & Consultation (Billings) (406) 259-6170
Mine Training by Schwarzkoph (Forsyth) (406) 346-7965
Safety & Health Services (Butte) (406) 494-7710
TLC Safety (Butte) (406) 565-7487
Dave Armstrong (Kalispell) (406) 240-3918
Norvell Enterprises Inc. (Kalispell) (406) 261-4627


The Montana Safety and Health Bureau's Mine Section is no longer offering the Surface or Underground Foreman Exam. Those interested in obtaining this designation must contact Peter Saint in the MSHA Denver Office at (303) 231-5458.



The Montana Safety and Health Bureau Mine Section, under Montana Public Law 50-73-101 MCA (The Montana Coal Mine Safety Act), is responsible for workplace safety and health compliance in coal mines and sand and gravel operations.

How we can help:

  • Assist mine operators in mine safety training plan development
  • Partner with contractors to ensure Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Compliance
  • Work with multiple county, state and federal agencies to assist in accident investigations and safety


Available for any type of mine in Montana, limited travel at this time.

Contact Information

The Montana Safety and Health Bureau, Mine Section
(406) 444-6401