Public Contracts/Prevailing Wage Law

Montana's prevailing wage law, often referred to as Montana's Little Davis-Bacon Law, applies to public works contracts entered into for construction services (heavy, highway and building) or nonconstruction services by the state, county, municipality, school district, or political subdivision in which the total cost of the contract is $25,000 or more. It requires that bidders on contracts pay a set rate of compensation, including employee benefits, and that at least 50% of the employees of each contractor working on the jobs be bona fide Montana residents.

The Department of Labor & Industry, through its Compliance and Investigations Bureau, determines prevailing wage rates for the construction and service industries. Established rates can be obtained by clicking on Montana Prevailing Wage Rates. The Compliance and Investigations Bureau also enforces the rates and classifications under heavy, highway and building construction, and services. Specifically excluded from the law are employees engaged in engineering, superintendence, management, office or clerical work or consulting contracts, contracts with commercial suppliers for goods and supplies, or contractors with professionals licensed under state law. Further information on rate enforcement are found on this page.

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