Filing a Wage Claim, Instructions and Form

The Wage Claim Form is used to open an investigation for unpaid wages.

This form cannot be used to file for Unemployment Insurance. Contact the Unemployment Insurance Division for more information.
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Before filing, did you discuss your situation with your employer or former employer? If you haven't yet talked with your employer or former employer about the issue in dispute, please do so. Communication is key. We have found that some disputes can be resolved if both parties take the time to communicate with one another. We have found this to be the case especially with final paycheck situations - your check may be issued and waiting for you to pick it up or the employer may be waiting for a call from you to provide your new address.

We also understand, however, that not all issues can be resolved this easily. If this is the case, you may proceed by filing a wage claim with our office. Please review these instructions prior to filing a claim.

Completing the Wage Claim Form:

  • Print and fill out by typing or printing. Download Printable Form
  • Read carefully and answer all questions on the wage claim form.
  • Your claim must be filled out completely and legibly (front & back). Please print or type.
    • provide your name, address, last four digits of your social security number, and telephone number where you can be reached during the day.
    • provide your employer's name, name of business, correct address, and telephone number.
    • provide a dollar amount you are claiming is due, even if it is just your best estimate.
    • provide inclusive dates in which you are claiming the wages.
  • Attach any documentation that will help substantiate your claim. You may want to include a detailed letter explaining the details of your claim.
  • Regardless of the form used, return the original, signed Wage Claim form to the Compliance and Investigations Bureau. Our address is provided at the top of the claim form.


Other options for obtaining a form are contacting your local job service office, or by contacting our office directly.

Submit a Concern

To submit a concern to the Employment Standards Division regarding the below areas, please visit this website and select 'Submit a Concern' under 'Online Services'

  • Child Labor
  • Contractor Registration 
  • Home Inspector 
  • Independent Contractor
  • Licensing 
  • Montana Military Service Employment Rights Act 
  • Prevailing Wage 
  • Wage and Hour 
  • Workers' Compensation 

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