Past Notices


Effective April 9, 2015, Montana will require several new FROI and SROI mandatory data elements:

  • DN0008  Third Party Administrator FEIN (148-FROI & A49-SROI)
  • DN0009  Third Party Administrator Name (148-FROI)
  • DN0014  Claim Administrator Postal Code – 9 digit, if available (148-FROI & A49-SROI)

FROI/SROI Edit Matrix Change -- Social Security Number (DN0042):  Effective July 1, 2013, Montana will begin returning a TR (Transaction Rejected) for FROI and SROI submissions with invalid Social Security Numbers (SSN).  SSNs will be validated based on Social Security Administration guidelines.  Trading Partners will also be notified to provide the correct SSNs for previously reported claims.

EDI Testing Procedures:  Montana has revised their EDI FROI and SROI testing requirements for established Value Added Networks (VANs).  The new requirements can be found in the FROI Reporting and SROI Reporting links.  (Posted 3/20/13.)

Intent to Adopt Claims Release 3:  On June 7, 2012, the Department of Labor and Industry announced its intention to adopt the IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.0.  The Department plans to adopt the international reporting standards on a voluntary basis in the next three to five years.  This link contains the entire notice.

FROI/SROI Edit Matrix Change: In the near future, Montana will begin returning a TR (Transaction Rejected) for reports received with invalid Social Security Numbers (DN42), per SSA guidelines.  Communications will also be initiated with Trading Partners to correct invalid SSNs already submitted.  (Posted 11/17/11.)

FROI Edit Matrix Change:  Effective 11/9/2011, Montana began returning a TR (Transaction Rejected) for FROI submissions containing ‘99’ in the Part of Body Injured Code (DN0036).  (Posted 11/9/2011.)

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