Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI Reporting)

Montana's Testing Requirements for Trading Partners Using an established Value Added Network (VAN) approved for transmission to Montana:
If a Montana TP is switching between main EDI Vendors, MT will require 1 Connectivity Test, which should include 2 FROI Transactions and 2 SROI Transactions. If the connectivity test is successful and the transactions pass edits, they will be approved for MT Production.
If a TP is new to MT EDI or using VANs, MT will require the TP to submit a batch of 5 FROI's and 5 SROI's. If the TP does not receive 100% success, additional FROI/SROI's will be requested. Test records must contain various reporting scenarios. Prior to Testing a TP new to Montana EDI, Montana will communicate directly with the TP to verify they are familiar with Montana’s reporting requirements.
Trading Partner Agreements should be directed to Doug Roope(
Testing Issues/Questions should be directed to Mike Bartow (

SROI Edit Matrix

SROI Element Requirement Tables

Elements Requirement Tables

Acknowledgement - Release 1

Header and Trailer - Release 1

SROI Report Codes

SROI Report Codes

Montana Report Submission Table

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