Meals, Lodging, and Mileage for Worker's Compensation

Section 39-71-704(1) (d), MCA, directs WC Insurers to reimburse workers for reasonable travel expenses pursuant to rates allowed for state employees.  When determining the reimbursement, please refer to 39-71-704(1), MCA and ARM 24.29.1409.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Rule


    In-State Meal Allowance Rates


    Effective 07/01/2019

    Eff 12/07/07-06/30/19

    Morning Meal

    12:01am - 10:00am





    Midday Meal

    10:01am – 3:00pm





    Evening Meal

    3:01pm - midnight












    Out-of-State Meal Allowance Rates


    Effective 10/01/21

    Eff 10/01/2018-09/30/21

    Morning Meal

    12:01am - 10:00am





    Midday Meal

    10:01am – 3:00pm





    Evening Meal

    3:01pm - midnight












    In-State Lodging. Effective 10/01/2020, the standard federal lodging rate will be $96 per night, plus tax.

    The table below shows the rates for the State of Montana high cost areas listed on the federal GSA website. The lodging rate listed in the table applies to the county even if a particular city in that county is not listed. If a county is not listed, the federal standard rate of $96 should be used for that entire county.

    Primary Destination County Maximum  Lodging Rate
    Standard Rate All other counties not listed $96
    Big Sky/West Yellowstone/Bozeman- High Cost Gallatin/Park

    Oct.1 - May 30 = $124
    June 1 - Sept. 30 = $241

    Helena - High Cost Lewis and Clark $103
    Missoula Missoula $96
    June 1 - Sept 30 = $131
    Kalispell/Whitefish Flathead


    July 1 - Aug. 31 = $177

    To find the county for a particular Montana city, visit the General Services Administration website at:

    Out-of-state lodging. The $96 per night rate, plus tax, also applies to out-of-state lodging unless the city is in a high cost area. The out-of-state high cost areas are available on the federal GSA website. If the city is not listed on this table but the county is, the lodging rate listed applies to the entire county. If neither the city nor the county in which the city is located are listed, then the federal standard rate of $96 should be used for that area. To find the GSA website go to:

    If you stay in a non-receiptable facility, e.g. with friends or relatives or in a camper or trailer, or you fail to obtain a receipt, Section 2-18-501(5), MCA, authorizes you to claim $12 per night for lodging expenses.

    Click here for prior years lodging rates.

  • Rates for mileage reimbursement, both In-State and Out-of-State













    Personal automobile

    Up to 999 miles/month






    1000 or more miles/month






    Private airplane

    (per nautical mile)






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