Self Insurance

39-71-2101 et. seq. MCA

The department determines whether an employer has the requisite financial ability to pay workers' compensation indemnity and medical benefits and, if so, grants the employer permission to self-insure their workers' compensation liabilities. 

An applicant for self-insurance is required to submit an application along with audited financial statements, or reviewed statements if audits are not normally prepared. The financial statements are reviewed and financial ratios are computed and compared to other businesses in the same industry to determine the strength of the business and its ability to make workers' compensation payments when due.

Actuary Reports

Actuary Reports - An actuarial analysis of workers’ compensation claims is required to be submitted with your self-insurance application. We only require the actuarial analysis for the Montana self-insured workers’ compensation claims. This report will be held as Confidential Information. The objective of the Actuarial Analysis Report is to estimate the ultimate liability for Montana self-insured outstanding claims as of December 31 each year. We want to know the total liability, year-by-year breakdown of the total liability, the ultimate cost of claims incurred. The estimate should include a provision for case reserves; future development on reported claims, liability for claims incurred but not yet reported, and reopened claims.

Contact Information

Workers' Compensation Regulation Bureau
Employment Relations Division
PO Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-8011

Workers' Compensation Regulations Bureau
Self-Insurance Program Manager 

Adrianne McLean
(406) 444-1555

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