Professional Employer Organizations

Should you not find a PEO or have questions, please contact Amber Weekes or Adrianne McLean.

39-8-401. Disclosure of information. (1) The department may not disclose to any person the records, statements, or documents received from an applicant, client, or professional employer organization or group, except: (a) information necessary for public employees in the performance of their public duties; or (b) in response to an order received by a court of competent jurisdiction upon a finding that the disclosure of the record, statement, or document is necessary because the merits of disclosure clearly exceed the demand for individual privacy.
(2) The department may publish or make available to the public reasonable statistical data or reports regarding professional employer organizations or groups if the data or reports protect the identity of an applicant, client, or professional employer organization or group.

  • Licensed PEO Company

    1 Adams Keegan Inc (Group)
      AK Employer Services LLC
    2 Advanced Payroll Solutions DBA Employment Solutions Inc
    3 Group 1
      ADP TotalSource Inc 
      ADP TotalSource I Inc 
      ADP TotalSource II Inc 
      ADP TotalSource III Inc 
      ADP TotalSource DE IV Inc
    4 Group 2
      ADP TotalSource FL XI Inc
      ADP TotalSource FL XVII Inc
      ADP TotalSource FL XXIX Inc
      ADP TotalSource MI XXX Inc
      ADP TotalSource CO XXIII Inc
    5 Group 3
      ADP TotalSource MI VI LLC
      ADP TotalSource MI VII LLC
      ADP TotalSource CO XXII Inc
      ADP TotalSource FL XVI Inc 
      ADP TotalSource NH XXVIII Inc 
    6 Group 4
      ADP TotalSource FL XVIII Inc
      ADP TotalSource FL XIX Inc
      ADP TotalSource CO XXI Inc 
    7 AdvanStaff Inc
    8 Alcott HR Group LLC
    9 AlphaStaff Systems V Inc
    10 America's HR Team Inc
    11 Amplify HR Management LLC
    12 Alcott HR Group LLC
    13 Apex Human Resources Inc
    14 Aspen HR PEO LLC
    15 Ataraxis Nevada Inc 
    16 Avitus Inc 
    17 Axcet HR Solutions Inc
    18 Barrett Business Services Inc dba BBSI
    19 C2 Essentials Inc
    20 CEOHR Inc
    21 Choice Employer Solutions III Inc
    22 CoAdvantage Resources Inc (Group)
      CoAdvantage Resources IV Inc 
      CoAdvantage Resources 16 Inc 
      Strategic Staffing Services Inc
    23 CoAdvantage Resources 60 LLC
    24 Cohesive Networks 2 Inc
    25 Concurrent HRO LLC
    26 Cornerstone Underwriters LLC
    27 CoStaff National Services Inc
    28 DCXL Inc (Group)
      Alabama Staff Inc 
    29 DecisionHR I Inc
    30 E3 HR Inc
    31 EA Advantage LLC
    32 eEmployers Solutions Inc
    33 ElevationHR LLC
    34 Emergent IV LLC
    35 Employee Resource Administration LP 
    36 Employer Flexible HR VI LLC
    37 Employers Resource Management Company dba Employers Resource
    38 Employer's Risk Administrators LLC
    39 Empower HR LLC
    40 Essential HR Inc dba FirstStarHR
    41 ESG Achievement LLC (Group)
      ESG Entities LLC
    42 Extensis Inc
    43 Fortune-HR LLC
    44 FrankCrum 1 Inc (Group)
      FrankCrum 6 Inc
      FrankCrum 11 Inc
    45 Fullstack Inc
    46 G & A Outsourcing LLC
    47 Genesis HR Solutions Inc
    48 Greenleaf HR LLC
    49 Group Management Services Inc
    50 Helpside Inc
    51 HR Outsourcing Associates LLC
    52 Human Capital Concepts LLC
    53 Human Resources and Payroll Inc
    54 Ideal Business Solutions LLC DBA Ideal HR
    55 Ingram & Co Inc
    56 Innoworks Employment Services Inc
    57 Insperity Inc (Administaff Companies Inc)
    58 Insperity PEO Services LP
    59 InTandem Human Resources LLC
    60 Integrated Employer Solutions Inc
    61 ISI HR Inc dba Stratus HR
    62 JustWorks Employment Group LLC
    63 Key HR LLC
    64 Landrum Professional Employer Services Inc V
    65 LBMC Employment Partners LLC
    66 Legacy Human Resources Inc
    67 Lever1 LLC
    68 Lightsource PEO LLC
    69 Lyons HR LLC
    70 Modern HR Inc
    71 Nextep Business Solutions Inc
      Nextep Business Solutions IV Inc
    72 Oasis Group #1
      Oasis AHR LLC
      Oasis DEG Inc
      Oasis HR Solutions III LLC
    73 Oasis Group #2
      Oasis AHR HRC LLC
      Oasis Outsourcing Admin Group LLC
      Oasis Outsourcing V LLC
    74 OnePoint  HRO LLC
    75 Optimum Employer Solutions LLC (Group)
      Optimum HR II LLC
    76 PathGoal Employer Services LLC
    77 Paychex Group #1
      Paychex Business Solutions LLC
      PBS of America LLC
      PBS of Central Florida LLC
      Paychex PEO I LLC
      Paychex PEO II LLC
    78 Paychex Group #2
      Paychex PEO III LLC 
      Paychex PEO IV LLC
      Paychex PEO V LLC
      Paychex PEO VI LLC
      Paychex PEO VII LLC
    79 Paychex Group #3
      Paychex PEO VIII LLC
      Paychex PEO IX LLC
      Paychex PEO X LLC
    80 Payday HR Connections Inc
    81 Payroll Plus Corporation
    82 PCI Staff Leasing Inc
    83 PeopLease LLC
    84 Pinnacle Mountain West LP
    85 Platinum-HR LLC
    86 Prestige Employee Administrators II LLC
    87 Pro Resources Corporation (Group)
      Pro Systems Corp
      Pro Workforce Inc
    88 Progressive Employer Management III LLC (Group)
    89 QTI Human Resources Inc
    90 Quality Payroll Services Inc
    91 Real Benefits Group Inc DBA Aliat
    92 RealTime PEO II LLC
    93 Resource Manangement Inc 
    94 Resourcing Edge 1 LLC (Group)
      Resourcing Edge 3 LLC 
      Sequent Inc
      AdaptiveHR LLC
    95 Rippling PEO 1 Inc (Group)
      Rippling PEO 2 Inc 
      Rippling PEO 3 Inc 
    96 S2 HR Solutions 1D LLC DBA Engage PEO
    97 Sequoia One PEO LLC
    98 Solution Services Inc
    99 SourcePointe of AL LLC
    100 StaffPay Inc dba Emplicity
    101 SWBC Professional Employer Service I LLC dba SWBC PEO
    102 Syndeo Outsourcing LLC (Group)
      Syndeo Outsourcing II LLC
    103 Tandem Professional Employer Services V Inc 
    104 Total Human Resources Inc
    105 Transport Leasing/Contract Inc 
    106 TriNet Group #1
      TriNet HR I Inc 
      TriNet HR II Inc
      TriNet HR III Inc
      TriNet HR III-A Inc
      TriNet HR IV LLC
    107 TriNet Group #2
      TriNet HR II-A Inc 
      TriNet HR III-B Inc
      TriNet HR XI Inc
    108 Trion Solutions I Inc (Group)
      Trion Solutions II Inc 
    109 United Benefits Consulting Inc 
    110 Vensure HR Inc
    111 WorkCentric LLC
    112 Workforce Business Services Inc
    113 WorkSmart Systems Inc
    114 Xen 1 Inc DBA Xenium Resources (Group)
      Xen 2 Inc DBA Xenium Resources
  • A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a business that leases employees to other businesses. A PEO manages the paperwork responsibilities associated with having employees. (PEOs) are to pay employee wages, workers' compensation premiums, payroll-related taxes, and employee benefits from their own account without regard to payments by the client. Thus, they become the employer of record. The client company in return pays the PEO employee costs plus an administrative fee. The client company is sometimes termed a coemployer.

    The primary question with employee leasing is just whose employees are they? Historically, an employer/employee relationship is identified through the right to control the work of the individual. With leasing employees, the PEO has the right to hire, fire, discipline, and reassign an employee, while the client company maintains enough control so they can run the day to day operations of their business. The rights and authority of the PEO and the client company are defined in the PEO statutes, and are to be defined in the contract between the two parties.

    Montana recognizes two options for employee leasing, one of which is a professional employer arrangement and the other is an employee leasing arrangement. The primary difference between the two options is whether the employees are sourced 100% by the PEO or whether the employees are shared between the PEO and the client.

    Is employee leasing for you? PEOs claim to be human resource specialists. They make it their business to be knowledgeable about all aspects of employing workers, keeping abreast on all federal and state requirements. PEOs can provide benefits and insurances for less money than a smaller business because of their size. Providing benefits is an advantage employers need today; it assists them in keeping good employees. Another advantage to leasing employees is that business owners and managers can spend their time focusing on their business rather than employee related tasks.

    Leasing employees may relieve a business of responsibility associated with employees, but it does not relieve the liability. The companies enter into a relationship where the liability is shared. The type of arrangement the companies enter into could affect the potential liability. Client companies are jointly and severally liable for any employee-related expense that a PEO does not make. Another liability issue a business should consider when thinking of employee leasing is that the business may or may not have exclusive remedy under the workers' compensation laws. This is an issue that would need to be decided in the court system.

    PEOs are required to be licensed through the Department of Labor & Industry. The application requests information from the PEO regarding ownership, financial stability, benefits packages provided, workers' compensation and unemployment policies, and copies of the contracts they use. PEOs that are licensed are required to provide proof that all payroll related taxes for the quarter have been paid. An independent CPA prepares this proof.

    Businesses that are considering leasing some or their entire workforce from a PEO should at the very least call the department to verify that the PEO is licensed and in good standing. The department also recommends you:

    * Check references. Ask for a client list and contact as many as possible for references.
    * Scrutinize the contract. Read the contract very carefully and be sure you understand exactly what your responsibilities and liabilities are.
    * Proof of payment. Require that the PEO send you copies of all reports it sends to government agencies and insurance companies to confirm that your leased employees are listed.
  • Instructions
    Please read these instructions before visiting the online payment link:
    • You may pay your application fees for the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) license by clicking on the link.
    • After maing an online payment, do not forget to submit your completed application electronically using an ePass Montana account or another secure platform. Send to
    • If you have already submitted your application please notify ERD of your payment.

    Online Payment

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