Compensation Benefits & Rates

Temporary Total Disability and Permanent Partial Compensation Rates

These rates are the weekly maximum allowed by law for TTD and PPD for claims incurred in the corresponding years.
These rates are the COLA allowed by law for claims in the corresponding years.
Please note:  Effective 7/1/2011, medical benefits automatically close 60 months from the date of injury.

Annual Rate Change

Changes to the 10-year Treasury bill, COLA for Permanent Total Disability benefits and increases to the state's average weekly wage as calculated on a yearly basis.

Adoption of the Average Rate for the U.S. 10-Year Treasury Bills
Cost of Living Increase
Average Weekly Wage

Workers' Compensation Benefits Summary

The information in these pamphlets is a summary of the most commonly requested information on workers' compensation wage loss and medical benefits available to covered employees injured on the job. It is not all-inclusive.

Benefit Brochure

Workers' Compensation Benefits Summary pamphlets may be ordered at no cost in packages of 100 from the Employment Relations Division. To place an order, email the ERD Process and Support Section.

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