Assistance Available

Safety Consultation Services

The Montana Safety Culture Act requires insurers to identify, evaluate, and control existing and potential accidental and occupational health problems.

Safety and Health On-Site Consultation Program

This confidential program is available to private employers at no charge. For more information, please contact our Safety and Health Consultation Program at (406) 494-0324 or by visiting: safety-health/request-free-consultation.

Equipment Manufacturers

Most manufacturers provide manuals and training on how to operate their equipment safely.

Similar Businesses, Trade Associations, and Employer Groups

With the growing emphasis on safety in the workplace, many associations coordinate safety issues to serve their members better. Employers can work together to better protect their employees by sharing information, training materials and hosting joint training programs.

Labor Organizations

Many labor organizations have safety and health expertise and are willing to work jointly with employers to address safety concerns.

Safety Specialty Organizations

The National Safety Council is one of the many organizations that have an array of safety information available. Many vendors of video tape-based safety training rent or sell programs to interested customers. The Yellow Pages provides a list of companies that specialize in safety items and services.

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