Safety Program Checklist

General safety orientation for new employees that contains information common to all employees and appropriate to the business operations, and is provided prior to the start of regular job duties.

Job or task-specific training appropriate for employees before they perform that job or task without direct supervision

Continuing regular refresher training.

System for employer and employees to develop an awareness and appreciation of safety through tools such as newsletters, periodic safety meetings, posters, and safety incentive programs.

Periodic self-inspection for hazard assessment when safety program is implemented, new work sites are established and thereafter as is appropriate to the business operations, but at least annually.

Documentation of performance of activities listed in the above requirements which includes: (1) date, time, location and description of training, inspections and corrective actions; (2) list of participants-, and (3) retained for three years.

Additional Requirements For Employers With More Than Five Employees

Policies and procedures that assign specific safety responsibility and safety performance accountability.

Procedures for reporting, investigating, and taking corrective action on all work-related incidents, accidents, injuries, illnesses, and known unsafe work conditions or practices.

Safety committee established which fills the following requirements: (1) composed of employees and employers, meet at least once every 4 months; (2) employee members are either elected or volunteers; and (3) committee activities assist in fact finding.
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