Safety Committees


It is the intent of the department that employer and employees meet together for the purpose of creating a safety culture in Montana workplaces and reducing on-the-job injuries and illnesses, in the hope that by improving occupational safety, workers compensation insurance rates for all industries in Montana will be reduced. Therefore, all employers with more than five employees are required to have a safety committee. The requirements, numbered and in bold print, are followed by department recommendations.


Be composed of employee and employer representatives and hold regularly scheduled meetings, at least once every four months.
RECOMMENDATIONS: The safety committee should:

  • Be of sufficient size and number to provide for effective representation of the workforce
  • Have more than one safety committee for employers with multiple sites

Include in its employee membership volunteers or members elected by their peers.

Include safety committee activities that assist the employer in fact finding.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The department recommends that the committee document its activities and act as a fact finding body and report to the employer regarding:

  • Assessing and controlling hazards
  • Assessing safety training and awareness topics
  • Communication with employees regarding safety committee activities
  • Developing safety rules, policies and procedures
  • Educating employees on safety related topics
  • Evaluating the safety program on a regular basis
  • Inspecting the workplace
  • Keeping job specific training current
  • Motivating employees to create a safety culture in the workplace
  • Reviewing incidents of workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses
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