Why Have a Safety Program

Running a business involves taking risks. You take chances to remain competitive. But, some risks are not worth the gamble. One such risk relates to the safety and health of your employees. Exposing those who work for you to hazards is a high stakes game with real losses. You invest money to protect the safety of your business, for example, fire suppression systems, burglar alarms, etc.; why not invest at least equal or more time, money and devotion to your employees?

Accidents Cost Money

The magnitude of the actual cost of a workplace accident or injury is gaining the attention of businesses, corporations, safety professionals, and the state. For each dollar you spend on the direct costs of a worker's injury, you will spend an equal or greater amount to cover the indirect costs. Examples of some indirect costs:

  • lost productive time
  • time and cost to investigate the accident
  • medical treatment
  • hiring and training replacements
  • legal costs
  • replacement/repair of equipment
  • loss of company image
  • increased workers' compensation rates
  • loss of good, reliable employees
  • loss of productive attitude, morale
  • increased absenteeism

Gain Control of Your Losses

You can reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses by implementing an effective safety program. When you make safety a priority and actively promote safety to your employees, you can change your employee's behavior toward safety and reduce the number of workplace accidents.

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