Statutes and Labor Law Links

​The Montana Code Annotated is revised every 2 years. Be certain you are viewing the current code. If it is not the current code, contact our office to obtain updated information.

Title 2, Chapter 18, Part 6 (Public Employee Benefit Section)

Title 18, Chapter 2, Part 4 (Montana Public Contracts/Prevailing Wage Law)

Title 39 (Labor, Minimum Wage, Overtime & Wage Payment Act)

Us Department of Labor Links

United States Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division

Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to the Department of Labor

Federal Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations Online


Attorney General Opinions

The following are links to Attorney General Opinions in relations to wage payment issues.

Opinion 17, Volume 36 (addresses Improper Withholdings) (pdf)

Opinion 25, Volume 11 (addresses Improper Withholdings) (pdf)

Opinion 56, Volume 23 (addresses Vacation Pay) (pdf)

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