Mine Safety & Health


The Montana Safety and Health Bureau provides scheduled mine safety training only.

To register for classes, you must click on the class that you wish to attend, and to complete the registration process you must notify the instructor listed (contact information is included with the class registration form).

Note: The instructor will review your 5000-23 at the beginning of class. You must provide a previous 5000-23 for a completed (8 hours) Surface Annual Refresher Class or your completed (24 Hours) Surface New Miner 5000-23.

If you are an experienced miner and your 5000-23 is older than 5 years, you will have to retake the New Miner Training. If you are an inexperienced miner and your 5000-23 is older than 3 years, you will have to take the New Miner Training.

If you have an Online New Miner Training certificate, please contact the Denver District MSHA office at (303) 231-5466 prior to class. The District Office will need to verify that your New Miner training is acceptable. Please bring the written verification for the online training from MSHA to the refresher class.

Training Materials

You can download the materials for the mine training classes by scanning this QR Code or by selecting this link.

The Mine Section will provide the following scheduled training by certified MSHA instructors:

  • Annual refresher and new miner training for surface, underground, metal-nonmetal, and coal operations
  • First aid training for miners, as required by the MSHA training plan will be performed at SafetyFests held throughout the state.

The Montana Safety and Health Bureau's Mine Section is no longer offering the Surface or Underground Foreman Exam. Those interested in obtaining this designation must contact (303) 231-5465.

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